News Release

Summer line collaboration creates big buzz

NEW YORK CITY (March 1, 2016)- Rising clothing brand DyeHard is coming together with the local sustainable clothing powerhouse Faux for a limited-time only summer collection.

“We’re excited about this collaboration because DyeHard’s designs are more playful and out there, whereas our design aesthetic is more everyday wear,” said Denise Stover, the head designer for Faux.

The collaboration between DyeHard and Faux includes clothing, bathing suits, cover-ups and accessories. The collection can be found at DyeHard and Faux’s home stores in New York City with a limited number of items also found online.

“This collaboration made sense for us here at DyeHard because Faux shares our passion for sustainable clothing and is another local brand that deserves recognition,” said Leanne Dyer, the founder and designer of DyeHard.

Not only is this the first collaboration between DyeHard and Faux, but also the first time the two brands are selling swimsuits. The collaboration is going to launch on March 20, 2016, and it will run as long as supplies last.

“The surprise success of the collection is the bathing suits. The designs are fun and different but still wearable, unlike many of the bathing suits you find today. It is refreshing to see bathing suits that make an impact without having to worry about weird tan lines,” said Tanya Bloom, a fashion blogger.

Dyer and Stover, the head designers on the collaboration, say that the entire collection can be found at both DyeHard and Faux’s stores in New York City. A limited selection from the collaboration is also going to be featured on DyeHard’s website starting the same day the collection appears in stores, March 20.


DyeHard is a clothing brand based in New York City. The brand is committed to providing business casual clothing with a fun twist to young professional women using only sustainable clothing materials. DyeHard currently has one store location in New York City and a thriving website that offers international shipping for the majority of its products. More information about DyeHard and the products they offer can be found at