The creative mind behind DyeHard

NEW YORK CITY (March 24, 2016)— The clothing line DyeHard has seen a meteoric rise in both popularity and sales since its founding in 2012. The success of DyeHard can be attributed to its founder Leanne Dyer.

Dyer graduated from New York University in May 2012 with a degree in fashion merchandising. Within three months of graduation Dyer took a chance and debuted her fashion line at New York Fashion Week and has continued taking risks ever since.

“In school, Leanne would diligently take notes in class and simultaneously manage to fill notebook after notebook with sketches and ideas,” said Carla Brown, who graduated with Dyer from New York University.

Leanne has taken DyeHard from an unknown clothing line and has turned it into a sensation in under four years. Only three months into 2016 and DyeHard has already debuted a collaboration with well-known brand Faux. In 2015, DyeHard’s online store started offering international shipping. DyeHard’s sales have steadily risen and the demand to open more stores has increased every year.

“Leanne puts all of her time and effort into making sure DyeHard is continually growing,” said Denise Stover, the head designer for Faux. “It was inspiring to get to collaborate with someone as creative and hardworking as Leanne.”

The inspiration for DyeHard’s aesthetic comes from the only two places Leanne has lived: the beach and Manhattan. Dyer grew up less than a mile from the beach in San Diego and moved to New York City for university. She says that living in both those places helped shape the person she is today.

“I wanted to take the fun, bright colors and patterns I grew up seeing in Southern California and meld that with the clean lines and business attire many people associate with the fashion in New York City,” Dyer said.

A defining characteristic of DyeHard’s business model is its commitment to using sustainable fabrics and being cruelty free. Dyer is a self-professed animal lover and designing a clothing line that didn’t include leather or any other fabrics that come from animals was extremely important to her.

“A lot of the high-end fashion you see on runways uses furs and leathers. To see a brand that utilizes sustainable materials exclusively sets what Leanne is doing apart from her competition,” said James Locke, an original investor in DyeHard.

Dyer knew it would be a risk to only use sustainable fabrics. Organic cotton and linen can be more expensive than materials such as non-organic cotton, polyester or nylon.

“I was definitely worried that our prices and commitment to sustainable materials would narrow our potential market and place us in a niche,” Dyer said. “I’m constantly grateful that people are willing to buy my clothes and don’t think of DyeHard as that hippie brand that sells hemp clothes in crazy colors.”

Leanne has worked toward her dream of having her own clothing line for as long as she can remember. She said she is constantly humbled by the success DyeHard has achieved since its debut as New York Fashion Week.

“I’ve always had a clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life,” Leanne Dyer said. “At times it was hard, but I never lost sight of what I wanted out of my career. DyeHard is everything my five-year-old self dreamed it would be.”